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Sunset at Walls of China, Lake Mungo

Sunset at Walls of China, Lake Mungo, NSW

Last stop of the Lake Mungo circuit

The walls of China

We couldn’t get a tour, so we decided to have a wonder around, respectfully not jumping any fences,

I fell in love with that tree from a distance, although I didn’t take my long lens with me so that was that.


A lovely local tour guide spotted my travel companion and invited us in, how kind was that!

Graham was really friendly and allowed us to wonder in until sunset.

My feet still full of blisters upon blisters from the last few weeks,

I went in!!!

YOU only live once!

Graham was also kind enough to give me not one but two bottles of water.

Really nice to chat with him and watch the sunset..

You can find Graham with all his local wisdom through,

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Lone Tree


Lone Tree – Poem by Viraj Bhanshaly

The lone tree stood in the plains,
Gazing at the grass,
Wondering why the grass is small,
And so plenty, bold as brass,

It wondered why it’s lone,
With no family, friends or mates,
And why it’s so so big,
And trapped within the gates.

Why it can’t wonder so freely,
Just as the grass can spread,
And why can’t it live so long,
Like grass for it’s never dead.

But there it stands alone,
Unique people could say,
And morally people are different,
Let it stay that way…

Just as God gave uniqueness,
And that’s what I say today,
To that, still, lone tree,
For let it stays that way…
Viraj Bhanshaly





On the Edge

On the Edge.



Seat of The Soul

Seat of The Soul.

One at St Pauls, Sorrento

Since the beginning of the year I have been working on my series of “One”
These are some from the last month or so.
Bringing the out doors in just in time for winter.

Prints Available

SeriesNMIT SeriesNMIT3studio

Drifting Away

Out the back beaches today, down the Peninsula surprising, still not too cold after been soaked a few times  


Finding Yellow

_DSC464120150502Nilahcootie (Lake Eildon-Edit

While working on a series “One” I couldn’t find my yellow standing alone.

So here’s is my play on bring “Yellow” into my world on a calm hill.