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Moray, Peru

Moray, Peru.

What an incredible place! after a long day at Macchu Picchu it was only right to stop on the way back to Cusco no matter how tired, trying to beat the sunset …….. arrived a little late for that stunning light I saw along the way, a vague explanation by the driver, still beautiful and interesting to look at…..Finally back on the road, (not before we dropped off a lady) nice to cruise through local village, maybe it was the long way back, maybe not….just a bonus I guess.

Moray-Peru-Silvia -Tomarchio-Photography

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Ollantaytambo, Peru.


Ollantaytambo, Peru, The last Fortress of The Incas.

At the far end of the Sacred Valley of the Incas hides a precious gem only a few tourists to Peru have on their radar including myself until I was given the heads up. Nice to just go with the flow….

The ancient Inca fortress was built around the middle of the 15th century and is the second most well-preserved ruin in Peru. Ollantaytambo is separated into 4 distinct areas: The ancient town, the temple hill, the ceremonial area and the agricultural sector. While there are other things to do in Ollantaytambo, I opted for an easier day, after a walk up to the top, chilling and enjoying the view, a nice cold drink at a local cafe and watched daily life and entertaining ordinary moments.  It was nice to slow down the last week of my South America journey.

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Macchu Picchu


Incredible Macchu Picchu.

It feels surreal being there although the amount of tourist definitely reminds you, you are not alone, still an interesting place to visit.

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Murchison Gap Lookout.


No time like the present, kids asleep after a 10th birthday party last night, my body clock right on time, a little quiet, a nice warm coffee on a cold winters day, A little time to edit.

A weekend away in Wangaratta, Milawa and surrounds, first stop at first light, patiently waiting for the sunrise at Murchison Gap Lookout, Victoria, Australia fog slowing creeping until you could not longer see the hills.
Nikon D810, F8, ISO 320 1/125

Salvador Dali Desert


My first attraction to visit Bolivia was to visit the Salt Flats in Uyuni but soon discovered there was so much more….a 3 day tour, which was as cheap as chips, ok some things were questionable, (sure we cater for gluten free, you just don’t get a meal lol, oh wait we have canned soup! seriously how hard is it to scramble some eggs?!) Well make for great stories of this rustic country, I certainly laughed a lot….. The whole place looked like a painting and felt so familiar in a comforting way, While visiting one of the areas not surprisingly name Salvador Dali Desert, so the story goes that he was inspired by the desert and fragments are noticeable in his painting, well I can’t confirm that for sure, although this is what I found online.

So how does one get to Bolivia? well originally I was going to fly to La Paz, then bus to Uyuni and go from there, minor mishap with my credit card, (not impressed ANZ), so i lost a day trying to get a ticket, I only had a ticket to Buenos Aires, (turns out I did have ticket…too long to explain) on the plane I met two argentinian guys, (Twins, hot, too young, sigh) and suggested the way to go, and once I arrived at my hostel a few girls gave me the same direction, so I decided to go for it, of course the hard way with one goal in mind, cross the boarder on foot during sunrise.

So I got a plane to Jujuy, pronounce (Ho hoi), short flight, shared a cab with some other people, got to this dodgy looking hostel, got a cab to the bus stop (after waiting forever for info, bizarre cab driver, who came back after he dropped me off and offered to take me around and I had hours to wait for the bus, yeah right, no thanks), the bus finally arrived by this time it was pretty late, I sat next to a lovely ol bloke who a little while in asked if i would hold a plastic bag for him so he could stretch out and sleep, me being me, said ‘sure”, seriously i need to think things through sometimes, well i have no idea what was in the bag, felt like hay and and smelt like crap as in the real crap! as soon as he fell asleep i put it down on the floor, you would think he would at least share his blanket with me, hahahah. We finally arrived at the end of the line, a little out of it I looked around then remember I needed to get a cab to the boarder of Argentina, Sat there for a couple of hours (time change) watching people come and go doing their daily thing i guess, very cool, a few people asked me questions and one lady said ‘she doesn’t understand’ actually I do but not that easy for me to reply. I sat all rugged up wearing 5 layers, yes I was prepared, 3rd in line I waited for  immigration opened up, that was pretty easy, I walked across the bridge, Day breaking, Boom! Bolivia, I changed some money and got a cab to the bus station, I bought my bus ticket, had a huge coffee while I waited, watching people set up for stores, friendly faced greeting each other…… finally got on the bus and passed out before it left, it was so hot in there, tired and dehydrated I struggled to stay awake for the first part missing some spectacular scenery along the way. A few stops along the way, let me tell you if you don’t have any coins for the toilet, the door woman  will not let you in, believe me I begged her, so do as the locals do and go behind the shed…Arrived in Uyuni…What an amazing ride, way too many stories to share but some are meant just for me…..

Trees of Balance


A little play on lines, perspective and balance, A little wonder around the forest before the Hot air ballon night glow at Brown Brothers.
Milawa, Victoria

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Brown Brother’s, King Valley Balloon, Night Glow


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Rainbow Mountain, Peru

Rainbow Mountain_Peru_Silvia Tomarchio Photography_Collage

The spectacular Rainbow Mountain, Peru.
It was my last trek in South America and another beauty, I nearly didn’t do it…..but I’m so glad I did, telling myself off a few times, asking “why are you punishing your body like this?” Last trek ever, I swear, well, after the pain is gone it’s all good again. I read so many reviews of how hard the trek is, the altitude etc, Some said it was hard, some easy, It’s two and a half hours up, although I’m sure i would be slower had I walked it all, so I thought, what is my goal here? to prove I can climb it? or get to the top as quick as possible and photograph?

A couple of the Brazilian guys on the bus called me a cheat for being on the horse, I laughed and waved my camera at them, smiled and thought to myself, I’d only be cheating if my goal was the same as yours 😉

So I walked the first quarter and then decided to get on a horse, needless to say I was broken for a few days afterwards. I walked the last quarter, 100 metres quite steep and all the way to the top, sprints of 5 or 6 steps before dizziness set in, it’s a bit like when you get up too fast but lasts twice as long.Finally at the top with stunning views of the valley and mountains, Worth it when you breathe in the serenity, along with other people of course, but patience is needed, wait until my frame is clear of people.
I decided to walk back taking my time, i have to say this was one of the hardest on my knees and absolutely exhausted when I got back to the bus, 3.30am start might have something to do with it as well, so now that i’m tucked in and editing and recalling the feeling looking out, my heart smiles knowing I found my own rainbow along the way….

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Maternity Fine Art Portrait

“Having children just puts the whole world into perspective. Everything else just disappears.” —Kate Winslet

A glowing mother to be, she’s just beautiful in every way, a fine art piece created to celebrate a very special time in their lives, for them and for generations to come. All the very best gorgeous lady. I absolutely loved our shoot.

Fine art portraits from $375.00

Maternity shoot

How stunning! First time mother to be, excited and calm all at the same time, just like us mothers should be (well we try ;-))

The miracle of love. That warm smile that says “I love you already “

This made my day…..

Mini shoot today, just a few portraits and a few for a fine art piece, something extra special..