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Moto GP, 2017

Silvia Tomarchio Photography_MotoGP_Phillip IslandSilvia Tomarchio Photography_Motogp2017_Phillip Island.jpg

A big day yesterday at Moto GP, Phillip Island, a little wet at times and then blessed with a little sunshine, great day, thankfully for some great people allowing me in the get some pics, 3 of the images are from the last lap of the last race, in true Australian fashion, a few great and very funny guys shared their table for me to stand on, of course they made sure I wasn’t rooting for Valentino Rossi lol, despite wearing his colour and number, hey what does one do? I went along with two bus loads of international students and mostly Italian, it was a fun day indeed. The atmosphere was pretty chilled and always great to meet other photographers and talk shop. We met a lovely girl from Germany who came just to watch the race then off to New Zealand for a few weeks, always great to meet travellers. I thought i might of being bored being such a long day, but I love the sound of the bikes, speed and their skills are amazing! And of course meeting random people and being part of something different.


Kicking Butt!

Silvia Tomarchio Photography_Children's Portrait_Taylors Hill

So great to see this little superhero today. If you would like to know about this amazing little man and how you can assist please checkout the links below. Keep kicking butt!!


Little Things, Mount Hotham

Silvia Tomarchio Photography_Mount Feather top_Melbourne_Landscape

After sunrise, i continued to walk up the hill around the road and sitting in safe places, quiet even though it was windy, watching the day fully come to life. It’s these moments that I am most grateful for. the simple things, the simplicity of my life, just the way i like it. Mount Hotham, Victoria. You can purchase this image here, or contact me directly.

The Perfect Frame

Who’s says you have to buy new frames? It was a good day #opshopping I thought it was a print someone must have #embroided with love and whoever #framed it did a heck of a job, I think my little one is going to love this, hanging above their #piano 

Maternity Gown

It is a good day to create something new! Still have my mums measuring tape she gave me. 😊 feeling #creative #sewing I used to love watching my mum cut fabric, I loved the sound, her style and grace. Her beautiful work.

Pretty chuffed with myself, just made my first maternity gown with some lace that I had, it’s a little on the large size but a good idea how to make my next one, fabric shopping? I’m inspired!!

Light The Night

A warm hearted, intimate evening with these beautiful people. Light The Night for Be The Light.
For more information on events and how to donate please checkout the link above. Always a privilege to be part of raising awareness for worthwhile causes.
Well done all for braving the cold, Special thanks to Kaylene and her crew for organising the event in Melton, always great to support my local community.
A special thanks to my daughter for coming along and volunteering, well done baby, I’m very proud of you. (Stopping traffic and a few donations) and of course always a great assistant to mum.

Swindlr’s Rail Park

Swindlr's Rail Park_Silvia Tomarchio Photography_Mount HothamA rather warm spring day at Swindlr’s Rail Park, only a few shots from me, then a cider was in order, random strangers, great conversations while watching these kids do their thing,

Children’s Fine Art Portraits

Silvia-Tomarchio-Photography_Fine-Art-portrait_Taylors-Hill_Childrens-PortraitWith this gorgeous dynamic duo this morning, they were absolutely adorable, so well behaved! and lots of spare cuddles for me, it’s always great to meet new families and their amazing children.
Fine art portraits from $375.00 per image. More than just a portrait, wall art for your home of the ones you love.

Custom Designed Photobooks

A Very Special Gift For You.

Gift Voucher_Silvia Tomarchio Photography_Taylors Hill_Portrait

The gift that keeps giving, a thoughtful gift for all occasions, in studio in Taylors Hill.
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All the very best Silvia.

Distorted Reality

Silvia Tomarchio Photography_Surreal_MungoI cannot breathe, stabbing thoughts, i don’t hear my heart beat.