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3 Lives Exhibition.

Come along to my 3 Lives Exhibition from January 11th to March 15th.



There days I just want to play like a child, think like a child and colour outside the lines. Allowing myself this gives me peace by just playing. A great way to fly off into the compass of the mind, through away what overwhelms and learn my way back to inner quiet. I was not striving for perfection or an award with this image, just going with the flow.

I met this lovely man about 3 years ago at Bradmills, Yarraville, selling his winemaking grapes, I spotted him for a distance pulled up and went over and had a chat, he was from Adelaide. I asked if i could take his photo and he put of a little show, I have 4 great images of this lovely bloke, always great when people laugh and have fun and don’t take it serious. We said our good byes, I thanked him, he gave me a bag of grapes for my ride home, sweet.

Meet Julz


Inspiring young talent today in studio, A performance just for me for this photoshoot.
He is currently recording some of his original song with Antonio from
“Music helps People” Julz what a great message you are sharing through your music.
Check him out here.
Up and coming from Melbourne, Victoria, Julz is bringing his passion to the world recently embarking on his very first production adventure recording new originals, experiencing with different sounds and setting his sights on setting the world alight.

Silvia Tomarchio Photography

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Kimberley Aviation, Broome, Australia 

A massive thank to Kyle our pilot for the day, he was kind enough to bump me up to the front seat allowing me to open the window on many occasions on our flight back from Cape Leveque, I will be uploading my favourites to My Red Bubble Page

Thank you Kimberly Aviation, fantastic and friendly service, from pick up to drop off.


Aerial Photography

To Purchase this Print and more checkout  my  Red Bubble Page


A massive thank you to all these lovely people who allowed me to ride in the front seat for the day, so very very grateful, thank you so much for your kindness.


Experimental Tuesday

Project J


I’m half way through my next project!! This morning I met the lovely Mary, who was very helpful and friendly. While it takes a lot of time and effort to create a piece needless to say I am having a lot of fun. The things we do for the love of art!!


Melbourne Central

My own spin, was at Melbourne central, out for the day, a little street photography of the city.

It was early, i got to watch the sun warm through the glass as i laid flat on my back, no one seemed to care as they walked around me.

These are the days…..



Sherbrooke Forest Fashion Shoot

Another great shoot on location at Sherbrooke forest. Dandenong, Victoria

A little bit of a walk to get to the waterfall although well worth the effort.

That gorgeous kitty was a random!!! as we were walking out the owners were walking towards us and more than happy to allow their kitty to be a star, yes of course I took a few pics of their much adored pet and emailed a couple very cute shots….you have to love when things fall into place with a few little surprises.


Red Top, Lake Mungo, NSW

Driving in from Mildura, Maps will tell you it’s about 3 to 4 hours, it took us under two hours with a few short stop. Although it did give warning about weather conditions.

Part of the circuit around Lake Mungo, NSW