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Majestic Moments.


What is it about the ocean that makes me long for her?

While i love a crowed room full of real people, conversations that delight the heart, the connection of a portrait bringing out the essence of you, that moment that takes place, where you become shape and light and your inner glow seems to float meeting me in the middle, that moment I feel, instinct, click that shutter, the image created, when trust begins and our souls meet.Or photographing a wedding, invited from a distance, and watch the dance of love, their non verbal communication that speaks volumes that only they truly understand, two bodies one heart.

I also love being far and away, my perfect balance.

I crave her certainty knowing that each wave will come in and out in her own rhythm, the sounds, the build up as she swells up in the distance ready to make her spectacular appearance closer to where I stand, her wild and then gentle waves cascading on the solid rocks and platforms, that will not be moved. Her uncertainty, her surprises she brings, occasionally that splash, almost asking are you ready? ready or not, here I come. Her confidence in all her glory.

Sometimes I tell her my secrets, my hopes and dreams and in the process I let go and just be, not a care in the world, after all I do believe it all works out in the end as it should. She whispers, “go with the flow”. She knows, no questions asked.

Yesterday I just sang to her, fun pop songs that make me happy, loud enough for her to hear,  Occasionally a few surfers too. the sound of her waves backing up my vocals.

She gives permission to be  free and light, allows me to capture her, freeze her in time, slow her down and take with me moments of awe and peace as she carries on freely, her hypnotic ways….

“A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets. But now you all know there was a man named Jack Dawson, and that he saved me, in every way that a person can be saved. Titanic

No Jack required 😉


Point RoadKnight

A few weeks back i finally got down to one of my fav spots along the stretch that i have been exploring for the past few years. It always looks so different. I wish this wind in Melbourne would stop!!!!! Note to self : do not answer your phone, you will not see that wave coming, lucky for me and my boy, it was more of a tickle than a slap…


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