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Smokin in Bagan

Myanmar_Burma_Bagan_Smoking woman_Silvia Tomarchio.

It’s always the people I meet along the way that make me more grateful travelling and learning about culture and lifestyle .

One of the things i find interesting is that neighbouring countries such as Bhutan, it’s illegal to smoke,  woman are frowned upon in India and some do all the smoking. This gorgeous woman seemed to enjoy her chill time and was happy to share, paper, bamboo? who knows.


Monk orphanage in Bagan

Shwe Gu Monastic Education School.

You can donate here.monks_bagan_orphanage_silvia-tomarchio-photography_myanmar

So it took awhile to get my driver to get off the tourist track and out meeting the real people, these little guys have been taken in and taken care of, eduction, food and shelter, they seem fairly happy and there were lots of giggles and smiles when me and my girls quietly sat in on their class. In the midst of it, my heart hurts my head spins, what can I do, i am just one person and my own to raise, i get overwhelmed with how much i would like to do, then breathe deeply and remember that little is a good start. Travel, open your eyes and heart, it’s not about thinking how good you got it, it’s about how we can make it better for others, together.

No gift is too small

Do not underestimate a small gift, to some it is huge, even a hug or a smile can make someones day, ask these little girls? Lets heal the world together, one small gift at a time.

Sunset in Bagan


A great way to end another amazing day, this time no pagoda climbing, but up the view point tower in Bagan, Myanmar, 360 degree view and not overcrowded. An orange glow on all smiley faces watching as the sunsets …

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Sunrise in Bagan.

silvia tomarchio photography_bagan_burma_myanmar.jpg

What an amazing way to welcome a new day! Sitting on top of just one of the 2000 or so Pagoda’s in Bagan, Myanmar. A few days in so I was still on Melbourne time and easy enough to get up, I woke up one of my girls, yes the one that will venture out with me with her eyes closed. A little scary getting up while it was still a little dark, everyone excited waiting for the hot air balloons and sunrise. Truly amazing sight, rumour has it that the Prime mister was on board the first one released on this day.

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