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Little Things, Mount Hotham

Silvia Tomarchio Photography_Mount Feather top_Melbourne_Landscape

After sunrise, i continued to walk up the hill around the road and sitting in safe places, quiet even though it was windy, watching the day fully come to life. It’s these moments that I am most grateful for. the simple things, the simplicity of my life, just the way i like it. Mount Hotham, Victoria. You can purchase this image here, or contact me directly.

Say A liTTle PrayeR

Prayer Flag_Bhutan_Silvia Tomarchio PhotographyWhat can one say about Bhutan, it’s peaceful, quiet, stunning landscape, the light breeze and the sound of prayer flags, I laid down as close to the edge, listen to the sounds and watched those flags, dance in the wind. No other sounds, it was magical. You can purchase this image here and many others.


Family Portrait_Black and white portrait_Silvia Tomarchio Photography_Taylors HillI don’t believe that “families” are black and white, they come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own morals, standards and beliefs. I can’t believe how many times I said to my children statements sounding like our parents that I thought i would never say! we take what we learn and add our own spin to it raising the next generation, Maybe they didn’t get everything right but I so appreciate now the lessons I was taught growing up, what I do know is they did their very best. While I raise my girls they are raising a mother, a mother to be her very best and forgiven when i make mistakes, the most beautiful gift they have taught me is unconditional love and so much more. The one thing I know for sure no matter how your family is made up, putting their well being first, parents through mutual respect for each other and their children will raise amazing kids, they are the future. I am so very proud of them in the most humble way. Last week my little one interviewed me for school homework and asked what my greatest achievement was? I said “the 3 of you” she’s says that’s not an achievement! I said “yes it is! in fact you are and will always be my greatest achievement! I can’t wait until they have their own kids one day then they will know i am right!!!! Im so in love with these 3 girls! God bless all the children around the world. Last week I wrote a letter to myself with all my girls have taught me while raising a mother.

I refer to my girls as my gift, my joy and my miracle, all three a blessing.

Yallourn Power station

Yallourn Power station_Gippsland_landscape

Another great stop off along the way …….

Yallourn Power station

The Yallourn W power station commenced operations in 1974 with four generating units commissioned between 1974 and 1982. Yallourn W represents the last in a long line of generation plant at the Yallourn site, with initial power generation commencing in the mid 1920’s.

Every hour 2400 tonnes of brown coal is used to boil water into superheated steam to drive four turbine generators. These turbines have a combined rated capacity of 1480 megawatts of electricity which is enough to supply around two million homes. The power station employs a closed loop cooling system utilising hyperbolic cooling towers.

Sand Dunes, India

You can purchase this image here.sand2-1

You can purchase this image here.sand2-2


You can purchase this image here.

The more i listen to people, the more i realise how much i value my humble life.

I adore simplicity.

Mount Kanchenjunga


Mount Kanchenjunga, another beautiful sunrise, viewpoint from Darjeeling, India.
I could have left this in colour which also looked beautiful, but i love the tones and lines in black and white.

You can purchase this image here.

Congratulations Teresa and Rob!


An absolutely amazing day with Teresa, Rob and their fun filled fantastic bridal party.

We started off at the grooms place, no short of a good laugh, these guys were a “one liner a minute”, then headed over to the brides, everyone of them just beautiful in every way. I love the way they all helped each other and showered the bride with attention and affection, just beautiful.

The ceremony was at St Bernadette’s Church in Sunshine, a beautiful ceremony and service, the happiest family and friends all is one room!

With a beautiful sunny day we headed off to Williamstown for their photoshoot, I loved the super hero theme, it was so wonderful to photograph them being themselves having a good laugh.

Their reception and celebrations were held at Sheldon Reception and Convention Centre in Sunshine where their celebrations continued.

A big congratulations to you both and thank you for allowing Silvia Tomarchio Wedding Photographer to capture and be part of your fun and special day! Along with your important list of special people the be photographed, a fun bridal party happy to go with the flow, creating your very own unique wedding and memories for years to come. It really was an honour and a great day full of love and laughter.

Her Hands

I was looking for a particular image earlier and I came across this, one of my very very early street photography shots, this was in Sunshine..a little scary for me to go back and shoot again.

I wish i photographed her face too now.

I do love hands of another, much like the lines on ones face, each telling its own story….they can hurt and heal, Build and destroy. The choice is ours to make.hands.jpg

Our Mama’s Hands
by Marcella L. True

I saw you looking at your hands with disgust
You hate them now and hide them you must
But mama, there’s no shame in hands so worn
Because all they’ve touched since you were born

You say you hate them ‘cause they’re so frail,
So veined and aged and red, not pale
You don’t remember how much they’ve done
To bring the 5 of us to who we’ve become

You don’t remember the love they’ve shown
The tireless tending to us we’ve known
To tying the shoes and showing us how
To guiding us through all we know now

You don’t remember they’ve nurtured us well
That they soothed us so tenderly when we fell
That they hugged and held us when we were hurt
That they scrubbed and cleaned us of the dirt

You don’t remember that they wiped our tears
That they gave us a refuge from our fears
That they washed and doctored our injured knees
And they offered a tissue when we sneezed

You have no reason to hate them now
Without those hands we would not know how
To use our own hands as you once did
To soothe and nurture and worries to rid

We can hopefully teach our young ones now
That our hands are special and that somehow
It all began with your loving hands
They are so special and that’s how it stands
Mama, don’t hate them, ‘cause they’re etched with love
And Daddy’s patiently waiting to hold them, up above

Who are you judging?

PerceptionWho ever you meet in life, there must be a pay off….ask Dr Phil….

When ever you meet people in life, part of getting to know each other can be a line of questioning during the conversation, where connection or disconnection begins…. intention, some will ask as a measure of their own life, some to cut you down and others to find your fire that ignites you from within, igniting their own flame. Not the end of my thoughts but leaving it up to you to decide, after all that’s what it all about. In the delivery and receiving it’s always all about you, based on own very own personal experiences in life, there is no right or wrong just personal interpretation. When someone wounds us with their words, walls go up, all sorts of conversations run through your mind, but how many actually ask themselves why did that hurt so much? taking responsibly for the reaction. And realise it is a cause and effect from both parties, it is not to say that some don’t intend to build you up or tear you down and that’s not really the point I am expressing, that again it up to you to decide.

This image was inspired by my 16 year old daughter after a brief conversation last night, her one line advice completely stopped every other thought I was having, my spectacular young lady. While our conversation will remain private…she left me with one last line based on her attitude….and her attitude for me is spot on…I will take her advice and apply it to my own life….

Rise up and shine, people will judge you anyway…….

When you are green you grow, when you are ripe you rot!!!!

Road Trip and Competitions…..


A great couple of days away, off to Warrnambool with my daughter for her gymnastic competition, so we thought we would leave a day earlier and have a little adventure. So windy, a lot of rain and bloody cold, even with 5 layers on, I can’t find one of my jackets!! She even gave me a hall pass to go shoot while she competed, pass on the hall pass, Love equals compromise and that we did……_DSC2658


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“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”
― Wayne W. Dyer



Oh that light…..


Crazy GPS took us the long way around to Hopkins Fall, just outside of Warrnambool


Breakwater, Warrnambool

Purchase print_DSC2712


Just before sunset


this is what a good soaking looks like, ahhh a couple walking towards me saw the whole thing, “bit wet?” laughing with feeling refreshed, just a bit!!! It’s been awhile, funny how i forget the cold as soon as i see that ocean, well for a few minutes anyway….


Selfie at Thunder Point.