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Passenger or the Pilot?

Aerial Photography

Silvia Tomarchio Photography_Essendon Fields

That is the question!

Last Friday the 27th of November I thought I’d be the pilot with my very experienced grade one pilot Norm out in Essendon fields, 30 or so minutes on the ground training and a 20 minute flight over Westgate bridge to Princess Pier and back. I can only compare the intensity and concentration to giving birth to my first daughter! The unknown, unexpected euphoria of it all. My instructor was great, he allowed me to taxi, radio call, take off, steer the plane and land, under his instructions and careful supervision of course. On Tuesday night I met some incredible inspiring woman from Women’s Pilots Association, Peta the president had sent me a wealth of info the week before and I didn’t waste any time looking into a TIF (Training Instructional Flight) These woman just blew me away!

My mind was on overload, clarifying as we went along, It might of been about half way during the flight where I had to clarify the most important thing of all, “Right now I’m the pilot right? you are my co pilot?” “That’s right!” no i wasn’t joking i don’t think i had any space left in my mind to joke. Norm also made a joke as we were landing, saying that he’s had trouble landing the last few flights, if i could help him out, I’m like sure! guess that joke went over my head, but hey, as he called out 150 feet, 10 feet, i pulled back the control, nose up, back wheels down first and then i went slightly to the left after landing, ooppppps! all good. I think this is what they call whole body listening! I taxed back to our starting point, rather calm, like it never happened, got in the car, mind still intense, missed my turn off, went home, laid down in the fatal position and went to sleep! Full on mind exhauster from something that didn’t even seem real.

Thinking what should i do with my girls today on Melbourne cup day, I thought I’d give Norm a call and ask for a little tour, he was great and said yes! This morning I took my girls to go checkout the planes, one out of 3 got in, one said “that’s so small, my bedroom is bigger than that!” The other did her usual cartwheels around the planes, not a lot phases her. So here is my dilemma do I want to be the pilot or the passenger, I have been travelling for 34 years and visited 34 countries and countless cities and a few more on my list, and the list just gets longer. I can be both I guess although there is only so much one can afford. Last year I went to Broome, was on a 6 seater and finally had the opportunity to do aerial photography, I absolutely loved it, the pilot was great, not a bump in the sky except for when I grabbed the control accidentally, he did say be careful not to touch the controls, oopsssss! As the passenger you get to enjoy the view and in my case photograph, as the pilot, i was so focused i didn’t get to look around much at all. So to do both I need a truck load of cash! Whether I travel with my girls or solo, I love everything that comes with it, mostly the people you meet along the way, culture, scenery and of course what my camera and I create together……..So whatever I choose to do, it really was and incredible experience and opportunity, I’m so very grateful. It’s not fear nor the money, it’s which do I love the most? and continue charity work, home and away.

It’s an amazing experience even if you only try once! Why not?!


A beautiful woman

About month ago as some of you know, I was over in Broome for a week, I packed my favourite lenses, spare everything except for a spare battery charger. Having a great day at Town beach through the mangroves in my undies, i used up one battery, live view hey!!! With my usual routine, when i got in I pull out my charger to my devastation, it wasn’t working, omg, I have planned this trip for 7 years, I have yet to do my aerial photography and more and 5 days to go! I started asking everyone what camera they had, even another guest posted it on Broome camera club, nothing!!!!

Feeling crap and 24 minutes to sunset i walked  to Cable beach to watch the sunset, I took my camera and promised myself only 4  shots trying to save battery, needless to say it was a beautiful way to end the day.

On my way back I was having conversations with God, praying for the charger to work when i got back, asking myself, how could this be, holding back tears, I’m a lucky person shit like this doesn’t happen to me, I asked for a little miracle, nope it wasn’t working when i got back……I met Ayumi and asked if she had a camera, she did, we tried her cable but it didn’t work, she then offers me her Olympus camera with all her lenses for the rest of the week, taken back, thinking are you sure? asking myself would i do that? I asked “are you sure?”, “yes” she said. I knew she meant it, a few years back I was in Japan and they have to be the nicest people i have ever met in all my travel, I have so many kindness stories from that trip with my girls, so helpful and beautiful. The few times we got lost, when we asked for directions, they say, “I will take you there” and  walk with us, “are you sure?” “yes, I have time” Time, what a beautiful gift to give, Wow I thought. Note :don’t use the lobster as a landmark, didn’t take long before we realised they were everywhere.

Spectacular Reddell beach on the day before i left, until the battery ran out, gee it did alright, then i packed it all up and sat in the  water, smile, warm sun on my face and a feeling of satisfaction, closed my eyes to re visit all that I had seen. The evening came quickly…i went to see the Staircase to the moon for the second time, no camera, Ayumi was meant to meet up so i left her camera for her, she called to say she couldn’t make it and then she organising the Italian guys to bring the camera and my tripod, what a gal!

Set up the camera and this young Irish guy sets up beside me, we chat, then yell out “omg where have you been all week?” he just looks at me, so I explain, can you believe he had a Nikon D810!!!! I mean come on, you have got to be kidding! And he had a spare battery I could have used to shoot the moon!

We all had a great dinner when we got back, fresh fish of the day, they cooked and cleaned up. The morning i was leaving I drove down to the beach to have a few quiet moments of gratitude, she called, thought i had left for the airport. Of course I was going to give her a massive hug before I left.

With so much love and gratitude, I thank you sweet lady for your kindness and generosity,  our home is always open for you when you come to Melbourne, I will be waiting with open arms and road trips!!!! So God didn’t give me the miracle I asked for but he gave me a beautiful new friendship……A very precious gift. So I guess I am lucky after all, now matter how far and wide of beautiful a destination is, it’s made special by the people you mean….even the 10 minute friendships…..but that’s another story…


A spare two for my next trip!

Entrance Point, Broome






Beauty in tough places



Entrance Point


Keen Young Fishermen


The Wharf Pier In the Distance


Entrance Point, Broome. Near Broome Port and the Broome Fishing Club you will find Entrance Point

Just to the Right of The Wharf, another great spot, two visits, one at low tide and one at high tide.

Reddell Beach, Broome, Western Australia

Slide Show of Reddell Beach

Reddell Beach was on my list, although i was quickly told i needed a 4 wheel drive to get there, another sigh…Chatting to a local in the morning still desperately trying to find a battery charger, another offer to borrow a camera, so I decided to invite her along for a drive, I told her I really wanted to go there, she’s like it’s fine, we’ll go, nervous as anything and after much debate I thought yeah lets to it, thankfully it was only 3 to 400 hundred metres of unsealed road, phone footage is hilarious, just go around the water, up the side! wtf! well to my delight we were there in no time, finally clouds, a slither of battery left, no live view for Big Nik, off i went, completely lost in the ocean, I heard her say, time for food, you see why I like to go alone right? I went down the next day missing the turn but was on the other side of the rocks i was yet to explore, the beach to myself only a few people, a little wave at each other and back to our own thoughts, I was thanking God that my battery was still going, and then the last shot came and went and the battery flashed, i was so grateful to get anything at all, images are photographed with My Nikon and a borrowed Olympus, actually nice working with two cameras, one for long exposure and one for happy snaps. I packed up my gear and found a rock pool and just sat in there for ages, closed my eyes and felt the warm waves rush over my body, just heaven….One of the things I loved about Broome is it only 10 to 15 minutes to any of the beaches/town from Cable Beach.



Gantheaume Point

Waiting for the sunset, loads of people around, i set up for my shot about 20 minutes before, they all seemed to disappear, distracted as I was helping a lady take pics with her iPad, seemed really quiet and I turned around to see all these people behind me, I smiled and laughed, one guy yells out, well we figured you picked the best spot so we thought taking the pic from your angle was best, all laughed and someone else, yep that’s right you look professional, respect to all these people 😊😊


Hired a car for my last 4 days and spent the day cruising around Broome, bit of a recon ..I thought i would treat a couple of Young French backpackers to a day out,  chilled, laid back  although the onset of the flu, only wearing thongs {flip-flops} I didn’t think it was a  not a good idea to climb down to look for Dinosaur prints, , An Irishman asked me if I knew where they were, I showed him according to the map and told him that it has to be a really low tide to see them and that won’t happen for a few weeks, he replies “I may be Irish but ….” hahhahha I said “i can’t prove either way but here look at the pic” hahhahahha I can’t get over how long his socks were, I mean it’s bloody hot!!! I couldn’t wear my Redback boots once! A beautiful sunset to end the daygantheumecollage.jpg


Kimberley Aviation, Broome, Australia 

A massive thank to Kyle our pilot for the day, he was kind enough to bump me up to the front seat allowing me to open the window on many occasions on our flight back from Cape Leveque, I will be uploading my favourites to My Red Bubble Page

Thank you Kimberly Aviation, fantastic and friendly service, from pick up to drop off.


Aerial Photography

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A massive thank you to all these lovely people who allowed me to ride in the front seat for the day, so very very grateful, thank you so much for your kindness.


Cable Beach, Broome, Australia

I finally made it! 7 years in the making! Broome was the last on my list of cities in Australia, now it’s become the top with so many other places I want to visit, the more you travel, the more you realise how much you haven’t seen. I am so very blessed to have done any. I remember telling myself, it will always be here, I’ll do it once I settle back in Australia, And so I have from 2004, mostly family trips. 1st trips to Sydney, who remembers Mystery flights, I thought it would be funny to send ourselves postcards and so we did. Of course a week later I forgot all about it and smiled when my mum said there was a postcard from a Silvia, hahahah, I called to let her know i was there and she didn’t believe me!


Cable Beach, One of way too many, excited much?!

I know, I know it’s been done thousands of times, but my first.


Slide Show

Staircase To The Moon

Staircase to the Moon is a natural phenomenon which occurs when a full moon rises over the exposed tidal flats of Roebuck Bay. The Staircase to the Moon happens 2 – 3 days a month between March and October. I was lucky enough to see this twice! It’s just spectacular.


Auswest Car Hire, Broome

Absolutely fantastic service!
Donna was kind enough to pick me up from my accommodation, Drive me back to her office, filled out the paperwork and off I went, great car to cruise around Broome, I just dropped off the car and she was kind enough to take me to the airport, very professional and great service.