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Man from Pingyao, China



Don’t you just love the way a persons face changes as soon as they see a camera, regardless of language barrier!!! We were having a little tour around the ancient city of Pingyao just before sunset. I asked the driver to stop as soon as i spotted this guy {Marlon Brando?} At first he thought i was asking for a cigarette but then realised I wanted to take his portrait, I accepted the smoke anyways, laughed at each other without words while sharing a few minutes as we smoked and i showed him his photos, he seemed impressed!!!!

Good Morning Pingyao


It was about 7am and I thought it would be a good time to have a stroll while the shops closed.

Another warm morning indeed.

It didn’t take long before the locals were all setting up, mmmm maybe a little earlier next time?

Unfortunately there was no next time, well this visit anyway.

Pingyao is located between Beijing and Xian in China and is said to be 2700 year old.

This street that i was walking was towards the East Gate of the Ancient town, spanning 2km square.

Well here it is!!! my largest Pano yet, it’s approximately 13 images, 450cm long!!!

Spent countless hours on this image, mainly trying to figure out how to save large format files!

That being said, yet another learning curve, a challenge but fun, best i write some notes for myself!

SnapShot China

The Warrior

China Video

i think I have a little crush on the warrior 😉

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Man of Pingyao

Man of Pingyao

What a cracker of a guy, reminded me of Marlon Brando, sitting proudly on his bike, seemed like he was having a smoke thinking about his day in The Ancient city of Pingyao.

My Favourite place in China, full of history and character…

We were having a drive around the town just before the sunset and I had to stop the driver so i could go back and say hi,

i love the expressions and the smiles, I thought he was a bit of a rockstar and i think i left him feeling like one, he offered me a smoke and he was pretty impressed with the way he looked while he checked out my snaps of him.

Words exchanged that neither of us understood

Smiles are universal and he gave me some heartwarming ones!

The Great Wall of China

panowallThe Great Wall of China

Travelling To Your backyard

Off for a short break with my 3 favourite travellers….lots of exploring to do, fun, love and laughter.

I Finally decided of which lenses to take!!!

Better pack some clothing too!!

Come join me on us on our cyber journey, travel with us….