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Road Trip and Competitions…..


A great couple of days away, off to Warrnambool with my daughter for her gymnastic competition, so we thought we would leave a day earlier and have a little adventure. So windy, a lot of rain and bloody cold, even with 5 layers on, I can’t find one of my jackets!! She even gave me a hall pass to go shoot while she competed, pass on the hall pass, Love equals compromise and that we did……_DSC2658


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“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”
― Wayne W. Dyer



Oh that light…..


Crazy GPS took us the long way around to Hopkins Fall, just outside of Warrnambool


Breakwater, Warrnambool

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Just before sunset


this is what a good soaking looks like, ahhh a couple walking towards me saw the whole thing, “bit wet?” laughing with feeling refreshed, just a bit!!! It’s been awhile, funny how i forget the cold as soon as i see that ocean, well for a few minutes anyway….


Selfie at Thunder Point.


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Torquay, Jan Juc

A pleasant and easy walk from Torquay to Jan Juc. Surprisedly different how our seascape looks when the tide is out. Didn’t take long before i realised I have been here before walking from a different track. I am exploring this 4km walk.







The more details you discover, the more abstract it will appear, always open to interpretation of ones own spirit.





Sealink, Cape Jervis to Kangaroo Island

Sealink Ferry, Cape Jervis to Kangaroo Island,

What a smooth and easy journey from Cape Jervis to Penneshaw.

Greeted by really friendly people, happy to hear about my travel plans even offering suggestions.

A wonderful experience, can’t wait to do it all again.

Took this with a couple of hours to spare before heading back to Adelaide, my feet too sore from going further.


Private Beach on Kangaroo Island

One of the things I love about travelling, especially solo is the people you meet!

I met this lovely lady on the day I arrived, after picking up my keys and a little chat,

just like that my plans changed.

I bumped into her a couple of times, the first time she said hi, I’m thinking, thinking, a moment of I am so far away from home I don’t know anyone, well on Kangaroo Island it doesn’t take long.

We bumped into each other again on the day I was leaving, her friendly self and off we both went.

I met so many people over 3 days although she stood out the most.

So my last day, with 7 hours to kill, no car {almost, thats another story}

I was putting together my tripod, getting my gear together and my phone rang with a friendly voice on the other end asking what I was up to. A moment of silence!

Oh it’s you!!!

So she asked, “would you take some pics for my grandparents of their private beach?”

She added, I’ll take you around to a few places.

Well what would you say? I heard a friendly voice and private beach.

By now my feet are hurting and the thought of driving did sound like heaven.

It was great, we got to the first place, while she read her book off I went climbing rocks, couldn’t wait to see what was on the other side, i could have walked for ages.

I turned back and tried a set of shots for a pano, shooting against the sun, mmmm what can you do?

I might have to go back and shoot it at the right time of day, as long as she drives, I’m too chicken to go out too late, no one wants to hit a Roo.

I mentioned a rock that I really liked, she told me that was their turtle when they were kids.

What an amazing place to grow up in…

Took me out to lunch, Seafood pizza and sweet wine, how did she know?

We went from one place to another, a good laugh chatting about everything.

I love how “strangers” share so much!

Didn’t take long before she offered to carry my tripod while i was climbing up sandy hills, my legs are a lot shorter than hers!!!

(ah carry my tripod, a private joke) and i didn’t have to ask

Stirring each other up like we have know each other for years.

From one conversation to another while i lined up my shots.

I did ask is this where you will bury my body? hahhhaha

As promised I will be sending my fav’s over once I am done editing, and leaving it up to her to print her favourite for her Grandparents, no doubt it will a precious gift…

Anyway I could go on and on about 3 hours turned into 5,

A hug, a massive thank you and another little conversation before dropping me off at Ferry.

This i would say is more than a 10 minutes friendship……

A very kind and generous person, much gratitude for a day with her.

A great day indeed and an unexpected way to finish off my little adventure…….




Remarkable Rocks, Flinders Chase, Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Remarkable Rocks, Flinders Chase, Kangaroo Island, South Australia















Lake Daylesford, Victoria

Sunrise at Lake Daylesford, Victoria
The glow of a beautiful morning with the warm sun, colouring the world around me.

A great way to start my day.


St Andrews Daydream

Amazing waves and my favourite Indigo sky, left me feeling like in a day dream.
A little abstract from my day…

St Andrew-8115


Red Top, Lake Mungo, NSW

Driving in from Mildura, Maps will tell you it’s about 3 to 4 hours, it took us under two hours with a few short stop. Although it did give warning about weather conditions.

Part of the circuit around Lake Mungo, NSW