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Actually not at all, nice to go through hard drives, sometimes i forget things i start, so i thought i would finish this off today and share. It’s a cold Melbourne day so a great day to play.  I drove past this location for years before i finally stopped, asked it i could explore and photograph, nice of them to give me all the time I wanted.
Nikon D810


Silvia Tomarchio Photography_fine art portrait

The human body is a work of art, as a woman photography, tasteful and sweet is my aim, i love these flowers, they live in my front garden, i love how i planted a few years ago, some died and then they have sprung up in different parts of it. It’s been an amazing week of creating fine art, just from one shoot i have been inspired so much, keep some for later.



A Day off from everything to play.





There days I just want to play like a child, think like a child and colour outside the lines. Allowing myself this gives me peace by just playing. A great way to fly off into the compass of the mind, through away what overwhelms and learn my way back to inner quiet. I was not striving for perfection or an award with this image, just going with the flow.

I met this lovely man about 3 years ago at Bradmills, Yarraville, selling his winemaking grapes, I spotted him for a distance pulled up and went over and had a chat, he was from Adelaide. I asked if i could take his photo and he put of a little show, I have 4 great images of this lovely bloke, always great when people laugh and have fun and don’t take it serious. We said our good byes, I thanked him, he gave me a bag of grapes for my ride home, sweet.

Create Your Canvas Any Way You Want.


A lovely feeling today, winning Silver with Distinction at AIPP Victoria.
The ways others see you is not as powerful as you see yourself.
Paint your world just as you want it, start with a blank canvass.

Video Link to judging


Mungo Giraffe

Feels like forever since i have had a bit of a muck around.
2016 is the year for lots and lots of fun. forever learning.
Hope you all have a great first day of the year.
One from Werribee zoo today and Mungo from late last year.
Continuing the right to create my own world. Hopefully continuing on from a great year in 2015

Fun Print_DSC9233-Edit


Getting Cosy With Mother Hen


Just a little project that started with a photograph of a chicken, it just looked like a tea cosy, just a little quirky fun.

Thought Id change the pace a little and mix it up.

Hope it makes you smile

you can purchase this image Here


greentreeWell holidays over back to study this week, little warm up piece, Lil Miss M decided on the crop for me, I do love team work!

Two Worlds Collide

Mashing  up everyday sights in China with my own backyard, well not to too far anyway, somewhere in Victoria

Sunday and surroundings

Out for a little location shoot, his old camera collection down the Cannon Creek nearby, something it’s so different in your head, a little practice with skills learnt in 2014 photoshop class, cameras as inspiration, in a Victorian back yard.