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A Very Special Gift For You.

Gift Voucher_Silvia Tomarchio Photography_Taylors Hill_Portrait

The gift that keeps giving, a thoughtful gift for all occasions, in studio in Taylors Hill.
Photoshoots may be extended, additional images may be purchased, images may be printed larger, on location photoshoots, additional costs will apply. Vouchers valid for 12 months from date of purchase. Please allow up to 3 weeks from your selection date, some products take a little longer to produce.
From Consultation to Print.
Want a further 10% off? ask me how.
Feel free to share this with your friends and family.
All the very best Silvia.


Happy Corporate Portrait

Corporate Headshot_Silvia Tomarchio Photography_Taylors HillCorporate headshots can take anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes, depending on how much you laugh! What an absolutely lovely guy, his laughter was contagious and left me with a big smile, he made my day!

Corporate Photography


It’s not ‘just’ a Headshot!

With social media and our online presence playing such a huge role today in the success of our businesses, it is now more important than ever to be seen often, and in the best possible light.

Sometimes we try and short cut this critical element by looking at our headshot as redundant, and as an unnecessary expense. But we should actually be looking at it as an opportunity to portray an image to our potential clients, to share our brand, and to show ‘the face behind the business’. We forget that when potential customers are looking at our businesses online, they are also looking at who we are and how we conduct business. They want to make sure that we are serious about quality and good customer service. If the photography on our website is done with a point-n-shoot and on-camera flash against a plain wall with a dark shadow around our head, it sends the wrong message. It shows lack of professionalism. And if we don’t appear to care about our own personal image, then why should our potential customers believe that we would use higher standards for the product or service we are offering?
The physical side of taking a ‘proper’ headshot requires the usage of standard professional equipment- camera, lenses, lighting, and photo editing software. But more importantly than that (about 100x more important) is the intangible aspect – Experience. Without the knowledge of how to effectively use camera gear, lighting (even daylight), or to be able to trouble shoot problems should they arise, leaves you back at square one.

Having a natural and trained artistic eye for posing and directing people in order to achieve the individual’s optimal look, is probably on the top of my list. Everyone is different and needs to be photographed a certain way according to their shape, hair color, gender, skin, and profession. Knowing what lighting to use, in what direction, with each face shape, makes all the difference in the world between an okay shot, and an amazing portrait. A good professional photographer will suggest the proper clothing, analyze the model’s face and then pose and light them accordingly. The last thing to consider is that depending on your profession or what the shot will be used for, you might want to add a little personality to your portrait. Showing your audience a little bit of you, will help them make a connection and start a bond before they even meet you.
How do we want to be seen? Do we want our audience to see us as real professionals with high standards, or are we satisfied with showing them our ‘mug-shot’?

Silvia Tomarchio Photography

Taylors Hill Studio or Location

Group Discounts may be available.

Referral Reward Program
An integral part of our business growth has come from the continual referrals from previous clients.
Therefore, I would like to thank our valued clients by giving them a 20% off any future Shoots.

Hillside Security at Woodlea Estate.


Up with the birds, out with the boys from Hillside Security again this morning, I must really love my job!!!!! Thanks for breakfast, with a full belly off to begins my first selection making it easy for them to choose. One of the great things about working with the same company is the good laugh, the trust built and I can say no!!!!! With a smile of course. I do love the creative input though!!!!
My 4th shoot with them. A company that knows the value of online presence and keeping their website up to date.
I hope someone was out shoot the sunrise this morning, spectacular clouds and cleared up just as we were wrapping up. A great location for corporate photography.
Silvia Tomarchio Photography based in Taylors Hill Melbourne.

Meet Rajesh Sha


Contact Raj

Meet Raj, A really happy easy going guy….
He asked for two corporate head shots, one for his Linkedin profile and one for his website.
He visited my studio in Taylors Hill.
I suggested a classic portrait and one with a little creative lighting, both captured that great smile.
Always fantastic to meet people who know what they want and together we create their shoot.

Photography by Silvia Tomarchio

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The Vintage Portrait







The Wedding Shoot

Sunny side Villa


Meet Elise

Another talented mum recreating herself around her family.

After seeing her work I have no doubt of her talent to create any beautiful environment for all special occasions.

All the very best in your new venture Elise.
Details to come…

What a beautiful family I met this morning!!!
Covering a 60th Birthday party for and up and coming Stylist/Event organiser, a theme close to my heart, oh the childhood memories and joy it gave me, even bumping into an old high school friend that was there to assist with the catering, gee is a small world!


And of course her baby girl stealing the show while mum was busy…