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Apollo Bay

Pre Dawn

Filled with excitement waiting for the sun to come up on a great day that followed.








Under The Stars

The perfect night to be under the stars on a crisp Autumn night, Champagne and good company.



Tooborac Hotel and Brewery

This was one of my Free Friday Adventures, yes, drop the kids off to school and off I went, Always time for drink and a pub lunch somewhere, returning at whatever time. It’s been well over a year since I have been able to do that, but!!!!!!! Free Fridays are back, the boss finally gave me the day off again 😉 It’s good being the boss 🙂 I do love a good adventure, you just never know what you will find or who you will meet.tooborac How good is this, they make their own beer, I did like the taste of the light beer, just this once no cider, When in Rome, as they say.


Lone Tree


Lone Tree – Poem by Viraj Bhanshaly

The lone tree stood in the plains,
Gazing at the grass,
Wondering why the grass is small,
And so plenty, bold as brass,

It wondered why it’s lone,
With no family, friends or mates,
And why it’s so so big,
And trapped within the gates.

Why it can’t wonder so freely,
Just as the grass can spread,
And why can’t it live so long,
Like grass for it’s never dead.

But there it stands alone,
Unique people could say,
And morally people are different,
Let it stay that way…

Just as God gave uniqueness,
And that’s what I say today,
To that, still, lone tree,
For let it stays that way…
Viraj Bhanshaly