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Give me detention sir…

On our day out with Heini, just outside of Torshavn, a giggling and may I say highly amused cabby, He pointed out the only prison in The Faroe islands, he told us there were only a few cells and for minor offences, he then said “do you see the high security fences?” laughing he said “they are to keep the sheep out.” Did you know the Faroese people love mini golf? “well there are only two on the Islands and one is here.”

Well minor offences are drinking too much, just think, all i had to do was drink one too many ciders and wake up to this view!

Actually we saw one outside the hotel we stayed at in Vagar, I wonder if that’s the other one? Ok so let me clarify translation maybe…

This is what I found on google

Criminals from the Faroe Islands who serve longer sentences are sent to prisons in Denmark, as there is no prison in the Faroe Islands, only a detention, which has room for 12 persons. It is however also used as a prison for prisoners who serve short sentences.