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Trick or Treat

Halloween_Silvia Tomarchio Photography

Happy Halloween! Nothing scary about this gorgeous little girl! Trick or Treat?!

Studio location in Taylors Hill


Rocking her 9th Birthday

Child rock chick_Silvia Tomarchio Photography_Taylors Hill_Portrait

Every year for my girls’ birthday we organise a photoshoot!!! mostly based around what they are doing or passionate about, Lil Miss Sparkles has been learning how to play guitar since the beginning of the year so she wanted a rock chick shoot with her first axe, God I love her!!!! She likes to play the piano a little so she agreed I could use it as the stage. She has sat beside me the whole time making sure I edited her pic just the way she likes it, so it was black and white and her guitar red, then i said i got a few bits i want to add, she finally agrees and I got the thumbs up! She’s tough client!


Silvia Tomarchio Photography_fine art portrait

The human body is a work of art, as a woman photography, tasteful and sweet is my aim, i love these flowers, they live in my front garden, i love how i planted a few years ago, some died and then they have sprung up in different parts of it. It’s been an amazing week of creating fine art, just from one shoot i have been inspired so much, keep some for later.


Fine Art_Silvia Tomarchio Photography

If someone tries to put you in a box of labels don’t get mad, get creative and find the humour in it, granted not my finest piece but a positive outcome none the less. as my art teacher said back in 1993 you need to create at least 100 paintings to get one good one, #learn and grow. God I love my kids!!!!! Love those that love you, pray for those that don’t.

Sunset at Triud

birds_Triud_Silvia Tomarchio Photography

14km hike to Triund, India. Creating my own mix of sunset and sunrise, permission to create my own canvass. Well that was a hike to end all hikes for me, going from nothing due to my ankle injury 7 weeks earlier, My guide decided to add 2kms to my hike without my knowledge, not impressed, barely giving me time to rest, i felt like a mule, only thing missing was a slap on the arse, 8 kms up, easy, moderate to you have got to be kidding me, but hey it took me 5 hours but I did it, he was only giving me about 15 minutes to enjoy the view to then make our way back down, one I know i wasn’t physically capable, two, Im not leaving after a hike like that, not really prepared I chose to stay over night, so as you can image it was a little cold once the sun went down. I really didn’t need a guide but thought it might be the safer option, meh i could have done it on my own. I rarely take tours but sometimes it’s insisted, I only had come in the night before, not much sleep made a snap decision in 15 minutes to take off. Im glad i did as it took me nearly 3 and a half hours to get down 6kms, the terrain is rough and sometimes slippery. If the guide didn’t carry my gear no doubt it would have taken longer and i may have pushed him over the edge, he kept yelling at me, ‘you must make life hard” I so was going to bitch slap him lol well his boot camp style was rough but I did it with minimal stops and a shit load of water, bastard! So bitching over, it was absolutely amazing to face the mountain, watch the sun go down and rise again, sleeping 3 metres from the edge…..freezing!!!! To his defence he did help me on the way down. my hips were about ready to pop, thank God, I made it just in time. You can purchase your copy here or contact me directly.



There days I just want to play like a child, think like a child and colour outside the lines. Allowing myself this gives me peace by just playing. A great way to fly off into the compass of the mind, through away what overwhelms and learn my way back to inner quiet. I was not striving for perfection or an award with this image, just going with the flow.

I met this lovely man about 3 years ago at Bradmills, Yarraville, selling his winemaking grapes, I spotted him for a distance pulled up and went over and had a chat, he was from Adelaide. I asked if i could take his photo and he put of a little show, I have 4 great images of this lovely bloke, always great when people laugh and have fun and don’t take it serious. We said our good byes, I thanked him, he gave me a bag of grapes for my ride home, sweet.


Every woman deserves a super hero!

More wedding fun with this great bridal party down Williamstown.

Blind Faith and Friendship

Sometimes you just go to let your hair down and go with a flow, what a fun afternoon with a gorgeous gal, blind faith and complete trust and honesty….the ingredients to a great friendship… Love you Lizzy!

Self Portrait

To express…… rest…..skyme

Re Inventing Myself

Just one of my many pieces that I throw together very quickly when the idea comes, sometimes inspired by a day out, people, parts of the image, this is an unfinished piece, well over cooked!!! It’s part of my visual diary, strike while the irons hot, they say, so I’m not concerned how kooky or poorly put together it is at this stage, I just follow what I see in the moment, my internal dialogue, my emotional state, a chapter in my mind if you will.


Happy Monday!!! Nice to have the morning to myself.

This semester one of my subjects towards completing my Photoimaging diploma is Web design, I thought it would be a bit of a dry subject, coding etc but it turns out they have changed the course outline and I am inspired. One of the assignments is to create my own logo, so that has sparked a new name. Random Moment In Time, came about with my street photography and apparently, I’m random, in conversations and definitely in thoughts. The name was thrown at me and it kind of stuck, As my intention and focus has evolved, I feel it’s time for new…. where i am at now.

I still haven’t decided  which new site i will create for my new web page. As I am dedicated to all my different genres. That being said, I am sure by the end of the year, i should be able to create one for each, one at a time.