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We keep our love in a photograph.


What is it that has made the world photography mad?! Lets face it anyone with a recording device is a “photographer”. Occasionally I question myself as to why I am a photographer and why it’s so important to me.

What is it that compels us to snap in that moment? Recording a precious moment, fear that it will pass and fade into our subconscious? Love? Sharing our joy? Creating long lasting moments for those we photograph for? In that moment and for future generations.

This is a photograph of my mother, pregnant with me, it is one of my favourite images I have, well, why do I love it so? The moment was taken by my father with the camera he won at a fair and paid the difference to have it. It was our family camera for a long time after that and all my childhood photos were captured with it, blessed that my father gave it to me as a gift and it is well loved by me.

It was the beginning of my life, a life yet to be lived, my father has shared so many stories with me about his childhood, growing up in Riposto in Sicily, how he would sneak into farms to eat fruit, some turned a blind eyes understanding they were hungry and some chased them away, he told me how he would set up nets as a boy, catch birds and that was food for the day. My mother told me that when they were migrating to Australia, there was many obstacles for my family to travel together, that she and my siblings would be left behind and come later, she was afraid that they would not be united……she told officials that she was only 6 months pregnant but in reality she was further along. As fate would have it, they embarked on their journey to Australia, together, me being born early, I was born on the Galileo Galilei, Arriving in Australia at 19 days old. lol see I was born travelling….

Why do I love this image so much?

Her smile breathes hope, hope of a better life, what every human being should have, a home, food on the table and clothes on their back, family.

I see a woman having her 5th child as joyful as if it was her first.

If i look at this image long enough, i can hear sound and the moments before this image was created….the love that lives. I am so grateful I have this photograph, it is so much more than that…..

I have taken thousands of images in my lifetime, while the personal ones are easy to explain to myself the randoms can sometimes cause a struggle within, I know why I take them in that moment but I struggle as to what to do with them, I have been asked many times will I sell them, I don’t want to exploit anyone, it is the moment that shakes my soul to photograph people, the love of diversity and culture, share with you what it gives to me, that connection in that moment that creates a feeling of “one” I have hundreds of portraits from my recent trip to India, of culture, colour, life, souls and I don’t know what do with them, although I know I would love to give each and every one of them a photograph of themselves for allowing me to connect in that moment, and just for them and their families.

Joan of Arc

Playing with fire!!! Yes that was the hardest part to get right, I’m still not entirely happy with it, Needless to say it has taken many hours to put this together from shoot the edit, always learning along the way…and that makes me happy!

The creative mind never sleeps, Easter day sitting around a bon fire, thinking I need fire for my piece, phone shot? why not! Probably best, I was thinking lighter fluid, making a mini bon fire, I watched tutorials, worked out how to blend it in, although being that there was a lot of background, it took awhile. Images taken from around the country, Tasmanian sky, Country Cross, fire from Glenroy, 2nd sky from my favourite place, Jan Juc, texture from Pink Lakes and my awesome model photographed in my studio.




Greendale, An Unfinished Life

This partially completed church sits in a paddock in Greendale Victoria.

Greendale is a town in central Victoria, Australia in the Shire of Moorabool local government area, 81 kilometres west north west of the state capital, Melbourne. At the 2011 census, Greendale and the surrounding area had a population of 536.

Across the road a very cool old cemetery, Perfect clouds to capture the mood of the place.

Colour or Black and White?


_DSC0435-Edit copy



Print_DSC0446-Edit-2 copy



Focus on Fort Nepean

Finally made it to Fort Nepean, what an interesting place full of history, four hours went by so quickly, even forgot about the cold briefly

It is definitely worth another visit, so much more to see, this here is my partner in crime for the day