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Looking Back

Grantville_Trees_Silvia Tomarchio Photography_LandscapeI have always believed that when you look at life in reverse all is as it should be, while mostly I like to travel back to fond memories and moments, sometimes you need to look back as a reminder never to make the same mistake again, Moments deep within can be blinded by a false trust, i was so busy admiring through the lens that I didn’t see the water creep up behind me, left standing on a meter long island, i was drawn in, peaceful in a trance and forgot about the tide coming in, with a smile on my face I walked through the water not even feeling the cold. Thank God for reality checks.
Grantville Victoria

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Grantville, Victoria

Grantville_Random Moment in time photography_Silvia Tomarchio Photography.Grantville on 3 different days at 3 different times! I love stopping by if i am down that way, although I do check my tides, it’s always great to see how its presenting itself on the day, wild water, sand that I sink in, yep i got stuck, or tide just at the right height, calm waters and a beautiful sunset.Grantville_Silvia Tomarchio Photography

When everything aligns perfectly, I don’t normally photograph people homes, but I couldn’t resist when I turned to see the light shinning on it, just as well! the tide had come in so fast that there was not much to stand on, oh well boots were wet anyway, on the upside I have good friends that live near by and I have sent her a copy to show the owner, only right I send them a copy if they want it. 3rd time lucky in the last two months to get the shots I was after, at just the right water level, I was there the day before and the tide was all the way out.

Bagan, Myanmar

Each side had it’s own unique Buddha, these temples were built by families to worship together.

Bagan_Myanmar_Buddhist Temple_Silvia Tomarchio Photography_Burma

Bagan is an ancient city in central Myanmar (formerly Burma), southwest of Mandalay. These amazing temples are the main attraction, there are thousands of them spread across the plain, each so very unique. A great time to view all of them is at sunrise from a hot air balloon or you can climb up most of them, but get there early to get a front row seat, no easy to climb up with gear on your back, they are steep! Sunset is also spectacular to witness, there is a man made tower, for a few bucks you can go all the way to the top and thankfully plenty of room to watch the golden sun go down, it was an amazing day to explore.


Yallourn Power station

Yallourn Power station_Gippsland_landscape

Another great stop off along the way …….

Yallourn Power station

The Yallourn W power station commenced operations in 1974 with four generating units commissioned between 1974 and 1982. Yallourn W represents the last in a long line of generation plant at the Yallourn site, with initial power generation commencing in the mid 1920’s.

Every hour 2400 tonnes of brown coal is used to boil water into superheated steam to drive four turbine generators. These turbines have a combined rated capacity of 1480 megawatts of electricity which is enough to supply around two million homes. The power station employs a closed loop cooling system utilising hyperbolic cooling towers.

Briagolong Blue Pool

Blue Pool_Briagolong_Gippsland_Victoria_Silvia Tomarchio Photography

I love the little treasures the locals are more than happy to share with you, a stop off at Cafe Latitude for very late brekky, we had a few hours to cruise around before sunset. Briagolong, Gippsland, Victoria.

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Tieve Tara Gardens

Tieve Tara Garden_Mount Macedon_Silvia Tomarchio Photography

A great morning out today with the last of the stunning colours at Tieve Tara Gardens, Victoria, a little chilly but well worth a day in nature. Here’s my spin on it.

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Mount Everest


We have all faced obstacles in our life that can appear like Mount Everest, we sit at the bottom and wonder how on earth will we climb it, every step can be a struggle, we can walk around it, through or face it and rise above it realising it’s a blessing in disguise, just another opportunity to grow. Every problem has a solution when you look through the eyes of love and possibilities.

This for me was truly the most spectacular flight I have ever taken, from Paro, Bhutan to Delhi, India stopping in Nepal, for 40 minutes we travelled along the Himalayas, every window seat was taken so I walked to the back of the plane and the staff from Druk airlines were kind enough to allow me to shoot from a tiny window, just enough for my lens to fit, I was blown away by it’s sheer beauty and it awe of the solid stand it takes.

Mount Everest Print.

Sunset at Triud

birds_Triud_Silvia Tomarchio Photography

14km hike to Triund, India. Creating my own mix of sunset and sunrise, permission to create my own canvass. Well that was a hike to end all hikes for me, going from nothing due to my ankle injury 7 weeks earlier, My guide decided to add 2kms to my hike without my knowledge, not impressed, barely giving me time to rest, i felt like a mule, only thing missing was a slap on the arse, 8 kms up, easy, moderate to you have got to be kidding me, but hey it took me 5 hours but I did it, he was only giving me about 15 minutes to enjoy the view to then make our way back down, one I know i wasn’t physically capable, two, Im not leaving after a hike like that, not really prepared I chose to stay over night, so as you can image it was a little cold once the sun went down. I really didn’t need a guide but thought it might be the safer option, meh i could have done it on my own. I rarely take tours but sometimes it’s insisted, I only had come in the night before, not much sleep made a snap decision in 15 minutes to take off. Im glad i did as it took me nearly 3 and a half hours to get down 6kms, the terrain is rough and sometimes slippery. If the guide didn’t carry my gear no doubt it would have taken longer and i may have pushed him over the edge, he kept yelling at me, ‘you must make life hard” I so was going to bitch slap him lol well his boot camp style was rough but I did it with minimal stops and a shit load of water, bastard! So bitching over, it was absolutely amazing to face the mountain, watch the sun go down and rise again, sleeping 3 metres from the edge…..freezing!!!! To his defence he did help me on the way down. my hips were about ready to pop, thank God, I made it just in time. You can purchase your copy here or contact me directly.

Illuminating Tours, Bhutan

Illuminating Tours_Bhutan_Silvia Tomarchio

Well I finally made it! on my second attempt to get to Bhutan, the happiest place on earth! before I share some of my photos with you I would like to introduce you to Lebu, my driver and Tenzin my guide from Illuminating Tours. I was greeted at the airport with a smile and a scarf placed around my neck with “welcome to Bhutan. When I got in the car Lebu was ready, I looked over and said hello and noticed his sexy socks and his Gho hitched up, holding back my smile and laughing eyes behind my sunnies. Instantly the image of a hitchhiker came to mind, I think my silly grin lasted for an hour. Off we went through Paro on the way to Thimphu with as many stops as I wanted to photograph, enjoying the quirky signs along the way, Im so glad they laughed along with me, i would really love to meet the author! By day three I felt comfortable enough to ask for a little fun shots, they laughed and were quick to participate!!!! So we pulled up laughing so much it was hard to keep the camera steady, Lebu was a little more confident but it didn’t take long before Tenzin overcame his humble shy manner. Lebu showing him how its done by hitching up Tenzin Gho further, well you can image how the rest of the trip went, lots of laughter, chatting and very chilled, with as much or little information I asked about. I was asked many times to let them know if i needed anything, I said “actually Lebu can you blow away that one cloud from that peak?! so while we waited, i remembered I had my cheap arse travel reflector from China and thought we could fill time with a portrait shoot. By day 5 Lebu asked for another hitchhiking shot and some fun ones with signs we all laughed at. With only 700,000 people the roads were mostly quiet and when we did cross paths with others they were all so respectful to each other, making me feel safe on those winding roads, with spectacular view, people smiling, one man smiled bright as he walked up the road with a pick on his shoulder chatting to his friends. Everything was organised for me by Illuminating tours, the hotels were all fantastic in great locations. Lebu and Tenzin made the 5 day journey absolutely fantastic as I always say it’s the people that make a country more beautiful and the experience much more memorable, Thank you guys, i had a great time, a thank you to Namgay and Deborah for making my trip to Bhutan so easy and enjoyable. Did i think Bhutan was the happiest place on earth? well happiness can mean different things to different people, I felt a sense of serenity, calm and contentment surrounded by beautiful landscapes and smiling people, and that is my place of happiness, simple, going with the flow and in the moment. The people were so hospitable and very friendly, mostly with a trade mark of rosy cheeks. I was honoured to be asked if I was interested in coming back and running a photography workshop/tour with these guys, ummmm, Yes!!!!! I laughed and joked, painting many billboard images and calling it “The Sexy Socks Tours” they ladies will flock from far and wide!!!!!
Lebu not only a safe driver but a model/photography assistant 🙂 Thanks for taking care of me guys.

Kyauk Kalap


Standing proud in the middle of a small, artificial lake is Kyauk Kalap, Hpa An, Myanmar, a tall finger of sheer rock mounted by one of the most unlikely pagodas in Myanmar. It is  a working monastery and is closed every day from 12pm to 1pm to allow the monks to meditate. From the top you can see great views of Mt Zwegabin, a great place for a sunset.

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