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3 Lives Exhibition.

Come along to my 3 Lives Exhibition from January 11th to March 15th.


Ice Cave near Vik, Iceland


Truly beautiful, ice cave near Vik, Iceland, you need to take a tour to Mýrdalsjökull because of the road, biggest tires I have ever seen! We got to wear spikes on our boots, a lot easier than I thought it would be, although I did get stuck on one of the steel planks and lost my footing but managed not to fall, on the way back my camera wouldn’t work, it sure was cold in there, thankfully as it warmed up 30 minutes later, camera working as usual, thank God for that!!!

Thanks Arctic Adventures for a great morning out, fun and entertainment.

Happy New Year 2019


Happy New Year!

This morning I got up a little later than usual, I kissed my girls while they were still asleep and whispered happy new year my love…..I picked up my eldest daughter from a friends so that we could all be together for the beginning of the year. One went off to work….Family is everything.

I called my best friend in Adelaide and she was the one I wanted to say hi to first for 2019, express my love and gratitude for our friendship over the years.

I put on a load of washing, hung, healthy breakfast for lunch, a little tidy up and now time for me, a goal that I intend to keep this year, time to take care of me, what I love and acknowledge who I love.

I hope to share with you at least one professional image per day from my travels, some yet to be edited and some of my favourites from my past adventures, this year the aim is to find a little more balance and a closer relationship focusing on the VIP’s in my life, keeping it simple and real, still loving the minimalist life that I have embraced over the last few years, less truly is more in every respect.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of your support, likes and comments, it’s very much appreciated.

For my “me’ time hour today I will be editing my favourite images from Jökulsárlón Glacia Lagoon, Iceland, Sharing the first image that I love from that incredible time I spent with my eldest daughter on our trip to Iceland. Enjoy.

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Saksun, Faroe Islands

The ever so charming Saksun, Faroe Islands.

On the way Heini our comic cabby said the man who owns the property has been named the “Angry Farmer”, apparently he is not too fond of tourists roaming around on his land.

This what I read on google “he does not like tourists and he and other residents are at odds with the Ministry for Tourism for lack of support in helping to resolve problems with tourists.   It seems that Jóhan has unilaterally declared war on visitors and Visit Faroe Islands”

I mean fair enough, he lives with his partner and child, his backyard and livelihood.

The cabby drove us down near the church, a young bloke in a truck that pulled in, I smile and waived making sure he could see my camera, he waved and smiled back, ah the universal “Smile”.  So I guess if you stay on the path, respect his home he seems very friendly and welcoming. Isn’t the truth that no matter where you go are given to leave a place as you found out taking away memories and a few great pics?

Thank God for having my 3 lenses with me and clever positioning, no photoshop needed to remove the bobcat and soaked up the view, it really is spectacular and I feel very lucky having seen such beautiful location and greeted with a smile, I always do say that it’s the people that you meet along the way that is the magic of already stunning places.



Give me detention sir…

On our day out with Heini, just outside of Torshavn, a giggling and may I say highly amused cabby, He pointed out the only prison in The Faroe islands, he told us there were only a few cells and for minor offences, he then said “do you see the high security fences?” laughing he said “they are to keep the sheep out.” Did you know the Faroese people love mini golf? “well there are only two on the Islands and one is here.”

Well minor offences are drinking too much, just think, all i had to do was drink one too many ciders and wake up to this view!

Actually we saw one outside the hotel we stayed at in Vagar, I wonder if that’s the other one? Ok so let me clarify translation maybe…

This is what I found on google

Criminals from the Faroe Islands who serve longer sentences are sent to prisons in Denmark, as there is no prison in the Faroe Islands, only a detention, which has room for 12 persons. It is however also used as a prison for prisoners who serve short sentences.

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Nolsoy, Faroe Islands



After 36 hours from leaving home, spending 12 between Oslo and Copenhagen (don’t ask) we finally arrived in Vagar, all the cars hire place were closed, i tried to call, go online to no avail we couldn’t hire a car, I had booked a hotel close by so we thought we would try again in the morning.

We had two options, walk around along the road or cut through a car park in the dark, using our mobile phone flash, I know I was delirious but I said to my daughter, ‘was that  sheep?” Thanks Hotel Vagar, slept like a log, and thank you Maria for trying to help us get a car in the morning, like you said, it’s Sunday everyone is asleep, that’s fair

We tried again in the morning with Maria’s help, still closed we would have to wait until 2pm until the car hire opened, the lady at info said there was a bus to Torshavn in about an hour, this time in the daylight we walked through the car park, Sheep!!! told you i heard sheep last night! We grabbed our stuff and back to the airport we went to catch our bus. With only 6 days we thought let’s just keep moving, we’ll get a car at the next stop.

The bus driver pulled in and suggested we get on the bus and go for a ride, back to the airport then on our way to Torshavn we went, here’s the great thing about public transport, they will drop closer to your destination, how’s that for service?!

Finally arriving at our apartment (Central Apartments) we had booked for 4 days, made sense to have a base as most of the places we wanted to see were mostly about an hour away. Really cool apartment, close to everything you need, (very helpful host via email), including an Irish pub for my well earned cider and a real nice burger.

On the internet I went to find a car, nope nothing open, it’s Sunday, off we went to explore, easy enough to walk around, very pretty indeed, through the old town and up to the lighthouse just past the bus station.

Actually not as cold as we thought it would be, must be all those layers. Monday rolled around, finally! a car and delivered, what a manual? on the right side of the road, mmmm I think not, we went to the bus station, buses only run to and from once a day to most places, the ticket lady suggested we hop on a ferry to Nolsoy. Having wasted half a day as the days are short in November, we thought why not.

Population 213 not including us, it was a small quiet island and it looked like something out of a fairytale, very cute, you would think toy makers live in these colourful homes, we took off in different directions to explore on our own, it didn’t take long. I did enjoy the quiet, coloured houses, bursts of light on the landscape, inquisitive sheep, rugged coastline and the sunset.

What do you mean the ferry comes at 5pm? so we walked around to the other side having 3 hours to kill, the sun set, it was dark and our ferry finally arrived. To think it was only 5km, 20 minutes ferry ride bad, still very pretty, just as well we bought our lunch.


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AIPP Awards, 2018

Always a great feeling to be acknowledged as a professional photographer, 2018 AIPP picking up 3 Silver Awards. Thank to my printer, who not only prints for my clients but for all my images.

Bolivia, Back Story for This Image.

The image that didn’t win at AIPP 2018 Award, received professional standard.

So last week my youngest daughter had book week at school, a disappointed little lady when she came home from school because she didn’t win this year. I consoled her with, “you did a great job, you researched and found what you wanted to be and did it all on  own and with very little help, she said, “don’t they know i spent 10 hours making this?” smiling on the inside, ‘I know you worked very hard on this, did you enjoying creating this?”, “yes” then you are already a winner! Just like a good comedian, she stated the fact it was BookWeek by being a book. It is my favourite school event…



Before I arrived at the landscape entered…

I missed a flight that I didn’t know was booked, nice one ANZ was saying it was declined but it wasn’t, their mistake

I spent an extra day in Buenos Aires, got on stage and well… danced.

I finally got a ticket purchased for me, {yes i paid them back}, flight to JuJuy. Touched the nose of the plane.

Met a set of lovely twins, they gave me directions……”they are in the circle”

Shared a cab ride to a dodgy place….. left and waited for hours at the bus stop,  the sketchy cab driver, came back after he dropped me off, offering to drive me around, um, yeah, nah…..the bus left 12.30am,

I’m going to do this, i am going to cross that boarder at sunrise!

Got to the end of the bus stop, got a cab to the boarder, 3 minutes, Arrived at 5am, oh no wait, it’s 4am, {time change} 3 hours sitting at the boarder, watching locals go about their daily life. 3rd in line at the boarder, no wait, two local ladies pushed in, nope hang of they gave up waiting and took off into the darkness. Went through immigration.

Walked across the boarder, over a bridge, daylight breaking, hello Bolivia!

Quick money change another short cab ride to the bus stop, another 7 hours bus ride, I fell asleep before it took off and it was so hot, i couldn’t stay awake, shame i missed some beautiful landscape along the way.

Arrived in in Uyuni, walked into the closet hostel, (in front of the bus stop) Struggling to get my bag up the stairs, the woman turned back and picked it up for me like it was a bag of rice, one strong woman. Slept until the next morning.

Got electrocuted in the shower, cold bloody shower…

3 day tour. Met some beautiful people, decided to get into the hot springs in my undies. Did the tourist shots. Ripped my pants getting on top of that car. Stood where Salvador Dali was inspired to paint some of his paintings……..

So how do i feel this image was not awarded? it’s all good, all subjective, they didn’t get the simple beauty of the image but I do, the experience and the full story was worth it. Gotta up my game?  I was told it wouldn’t win, but I entered it regardless, It’s hard to take the emotional attachment sometimes, but I’m ok with it on this occasion….I missed out by one point to become an associate photographer…while it’s fantastic to be acknowledged as a landscape photographer, It’s four years to get 5 point, I have 4 in two, so I think I’m doing alright, Actually I do have 5 points in 3 years, but one doesn’t count as it was just before I got my accreditation…….then again it’s not my motivation….that’s another story….and one I don’t think i will share…But I just gotta work harder, to better myself, for myself, meh any excuse to keep travelling….besides I’ve only been “landscaping” for about 4 years 😬


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