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Be Still….


There is something so calming about watching monks meditate, you can almost meditate with them for a distance, A monk enjoying the sunset in Bagan, Myanmar.

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What I want for Christmas……… 

Rather cute, just a few gifts that my girls are giving to each other, in a very creative way.

Don’t panic, I have the perfect gift for out family which can’t be put under the tree 😉

For a few weeks now i have been asking my girls what they want for Christmas and the reply is the same, “i don’t know” seriously i feel like wrapping up three boxes with the words I don’t know. I also have been asked what i want, I reply with “I don’t know, a massage?” Well when i think about it, i try and have a massage once a month as treat for me and a necessity, but what I really want is quality time with them, those I love and value and those that love and value us. I do not like to waste our time, time is so very precious.

I don’t feel I have every really been materialistic, but I do save for things that are important to me, quality stuff that I use for myself, us and my work. Occasionally buying stuff we don’t need, that is also changed for the better, nearly 8 years ago when our family situation changed, there were times that my little one would ask for a toy that would end up on the floor within days anyway, if i purchased it, I would ask, “do you really want that toy or should we save it and go on family holiday when I save enough?” thankfully she answered holiday, even as little girl she was preferred a holiday, asking if there would be a pool or the beach, lol yes! And we have been on many adventures around Australia and beyond, quality time to explore and just hang out, minimal cooking and cleaning, bonus.

In the next few days I plan to once and for all delete my Facebook account, while once it was fun, and a great platform to advertise my work and services it is no more, some of the replies I have had were, “oh that’s sad but I respect your choice”, words used like i will miss “tracking” you and following you, while I know there is no harm intended in those words but tracking is for dogs….while sometimes they have engaged in posts that I share, others come to peep through the window but never knock on the door.

Another reason why it’s gotta go, over the course of time I feel I am losing the connection with my girls, hiding out in there rooms using instant gratification as a form of entertainment, yes I know we all need space and time out and I know they are doing their homework etc as it shows in their results, I miss the bubble we created and I know they are growing up, we all need space, but isolation I am not fond of. In a time I had to figure out how to pay the bills and put food on the table with the threat of losing our home, God knows how many rivers I cried, a time when we had only each other and it was beautiful. Less truly is more, I am constantly hearing “but that’s just the way it is now”, well why do I have to accept it? I love a tangible and tactile world, where people come together and just enjoy.

Social media hey, not in the real world. I am simply overwhelmed by media overload, marketing, buy, buy, buy, download this and that and I will make you a millionaire, crazy talk, negative posts, posts that save the world while they sit in the comfort of their homes and I think the nail for me was reading the diminishing of another human being recently, it made me sick. Tall Poppy Syndrome, yuk. I know what I want in life, for me it’s simple, I know who I want to be surrounded by and who I can easily walk away from. Freedom to enjoy the good “stuff”.

I rarely share personal pics anymore but yes I have, in moments of joy, we all love our kids and their accomplishments, proud and want to share.

While I truly admire people that have made their money and give back to charities often creating their own, what I truly admire is the ones who give what they can at any point in their lives. Scrap that mentality that we have to make our fortune first, every small gesture of kindness can change the world little by little and also change you in the process. And if you really feel you have no money to spare, then give your time, to help others. Scrap those words, I don’t have ANY money etc I don’t know maybe replace it with it’s put elsewhere, priorities maybe? And please, please don’t use it to get discounts! Give to givers, pay it forward.

So now my last point the assumption that I am rich, that’s how i/we get to travel, well depending on how you look at it we are.

So here goes.

.I use my credit card for everything, i have frequent flyer, many trips have been purchased with points, paying only taxes.

.I don’t stay in a 5 star hotel, they are full of the wrong kind of 5 star people i am interested in. All I need is a clean room, shower in the right location.

.We have a money box that we put our gold coins in, my girls just recently counted it up, i think it’s about 2 years now, we had $630 not bad for money easily spent on crap.

.I shop and cook most days of the week, occasional takeout. I have meals prepared for busy days. Weekly meals are planned with minimal waste.

. I do like a pub band every so often but don’t pointlessly drink and piss up my money against the wall, a couple of ciders are enough for me.

.We buy what we need, this i love, I don’t feel guilty if one gets a new pair of jeans and the others don’t because they get what they need and different times and no jealousy either, huge bonus.

.I don’t go out a lot, preferring to catch up with friends for lunch or dinner, a connecting catch up, during winter I become a bit of a hermit, great time to edit and create, watch movies, snuggle and of course save for the warmer months.

.Yes I am a gift giver, and never a tight one either, but its been narrowed down to less people, little people and my folks. Did you know that World vision has $12 a month charity?

. Photography gear is only purchased with money I make from my love trade.

.I plan my trips well by research.

.I book my own flights and accomodation and usual book tours when we arrived or mostly get there myself, oh the tourist trap, eeeeek

.Sometimes i sell stuff we not longer need, sometimes I give it away.

. I don’t buy souvenirs, maybe some artwork, or recently scarves from India, yes I got sucked in!

. My souvenirs are the images I create and the moments and memories that live in my heart, soul and mind.

. Sometimes I trade photography services on my travels, that’s always a great one.

If I, a single mum, 4 of us to provide for, including myself,  on minimum wage with no support can do it, anyone can if they really want it, there lies the key, you get what you focus on, then work your arse off to get. Just get creative.

. Mostly the mindset of what I want to do, you get what you focus on, by making a choice that makes your heart skip a beat then focus on how the funds will arrive later and always just in time.

So what do I really want for Christmas? Quality Time with my girls most of all, family and friends that speak of what they want, rather than what they don’t want. Dreams in their heart that make their eyes light up. A small group on encouragers. 10 minute venting is allowed lol Those 10 minutes friendships of those I meet on my travels close to home and far away.

Our health!!!!

Travel and photography, grateful for our beautiful home and great car, food on the table, clothes on our back, bills being paid on time. A simple life, of lots of love, laughter and snuggles.
For me it’s not the thought that counts rather the thoughtfulness for others, everyday, not just for Christmas.

I don’t feel we are missing anything, we truly have all that we need and plenty that we think we want.

Here’s to an amazing 2017 filled with what really makes us happy with space to be grateful for it.

Merry Christmas everyone! and God bless.

Doors of India

Just some of my favourite doors in India.

Never look back at the door that was closed, there are so many more to be opened, the choice is always yours……doorslogo

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City Life


So much noise, it’s all a blur.

A Gift of Gratitude



Feeling very grateful today with life….All the amazing opportunities I have had over the past 7 years, creating precious moments for so many, As a token of my gratitude I am offering the first 5 people to contact me this gift from my heart. It can be used towards any full Portrait shoot or prints. A gift for you or to give to someone you love. From me to you.
Shoots valued $300.00 or more.
Feel free to share with family and friends…Have a beautiful day.
For every shoot a loan is made to
Weddings, Portrait. Corporate Photographer
Based in Taylors Hill, Melbourne

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Custom Workshops with Silvia Tomarchio

One on One.

Over the years I have spent hours with people over chat, the phone and can you pop in for half hour? that ends up being 4!
To get to the top of the mountain you need to climb and chances are when you come out to me, you will! one step at a time. While its a lovely compliment the amount of people that seek tips and tricks, it is impossible to teach all that I have learnt in the last 7 years in one conversation. And still learning………………………… First we need to establish where you are at, then what you would like to learn.
Personal advice, study composition, there is way more than the rules of 3rd’s, Join your local camera club and practise, practise, practice, just get out there, we live in a digital age, mistakes are great, they tell you what you need to focus on. “Pardon the pun”
For those starting out, I recommend Essendon camera club, they run a 12 week basic tech camera course, once a year. A great foundation for understanding your camera. Lots of outings to practise and ask question, the rest is self directed learning or workshops. And practise, practise and more practise…..The are a great bunch of old school photographers, filled with and enormous amount of knowledge, The course is so affordable and a great foundation.
I really do understand how it feels when you first start….It was hard to ask questions, As you don’t know what you don’t know, that is where I step in to help you move forward……

I don’t presume to know everything but I know what I know.

“When you are green you grow, when you are ripe you rot!”


My Journey thus far…..

photoshopEgAfter teaching myself photography and editing for over four years, there were three reasons I decided to go back to study, one to learn Photoshop, more studio lighting,and my love of the arts ever since I can remember. Photoshop and lighting to enhance my portrait work, that was over two and a half years ago!!! Since then there has been 100’s more reasons. It has not always been an easy ride….Taking on subjects that I would not have otherwise. I have slowed down a little to balance out my busy life around 3 kids, winning a few awards along the way, with 6 classes to go, at this rate I will be done by the end of 2017, no rush! I have learnt so much and all with the aim of producing high quality work, prints and personal artwork. I was lucky enough to skip Cert IV, as it was suggested I work towards my Diploma and that is what I am doing. After years of teaching myself, to use my then Nikon D5000 {little Nik} camera and editing, like most I started with Picasa as it’s free! Then onto Photoshop Elements, A friend introduced me to Lightroom, took awhile to try it out, then I came across Phil Steel $47 bucks changed my life, I think i sat all day watching the tutorials, I remember the cataloging bit where he said, “don’t skip this you will be sorry later” and yes I was, I was so excited to learn I ignored his advice, not these days though, I start all my edits there then open in Photoshop, I have my workflow down packed and very comfortable in it. While formal training is great, it is only the foundation, you must be motivated to take on hours and hours of self directed learning, I learn at least one thing new with each art piece which keeps me out of trouble…..Learning Photoshop has given me the tools to create images that often pop into my mind out of nowhere, some are personal experiences or stories I have been told, Currently I am working on a project “Awareness against bullying”. Quite often I sit quietly and remind myself why I went back to the arts, but that’s another story. Although I did plan to go back to study when all my kids were at school, which I did, Just not fine arts as I had planned, this is a great substitute, They thought it was a bit funny when mum said “i have school today” When I close my eyes I constantly ask myself “how can I help others with my Photography” hence my little side projects. My voice, my need to express myself and help others, I love both sides of my photography, sometimes combining both, the possibilities are endless, I get asked often if I can show them this or that, I use to spend hours, these days, I set a very simple task, if they come back to me, we go from there, You cannot get to the top of the mountain without climbing it and I am still on my way up. There is so much more to my journey, it’s also given me the confidence to blog, no one will believe me but I was a shy to express my inner thoughts except with a close few…these days I am happy to share my adventures, not caring if I miss a few words here or there. So I will leave myself another piece of advice that I give to my girls, Do what you love, learn as much as you can so you can be the best you can be. Learning makes me happy. My kids are just awesome about what I do, Photography makes me travel more, and more travel makes me photograph, I love a simple life. Oh and thank you to a few of the teachers that have been amazing along the way…And some to motivate me to teach myself more… 😉

Apollo Bay

Pre Dawn

Filled with excitement waiting for the sun to come up on a great day that followed.







Canon EOS 5D Mark III

With my Canon buddies constantly trying to convert me, I thought I would be fair and photograph your beloved camera’s with my Nikon D800E. As I keep saying if you give me a Canon, I will use it! This project has been constructed of 8 images using focus stacking, and one of my landscape images taken at Vigars Wells, Lake Mungo, NSW. The camera’s are well and truly used, so lots of love {scuff} marks! Best camera is the one you own and use well and with all your heart.



I have used this camera myself and I have to say I do like it!

A massive thank you to my mate Andrew for loaning me his camera at short notice so I could finish this project off.