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Cat Woman

The Incredible Hulk

Aqua Man

A great day with these superheroes!!!

These guys are available for kids parties and events, perfect way to finish off my week, feel so blessed to do what I love and love the diversity of shoots.


What shall I do with Batman?!


AIPP State Awards

Silvia Tomarchio photography_aipp awards

3 Silvers and a huge smile.

Ganges in Varanasi


I feel so very blessed that I have been able to visit some of the most beautiful, full of culture, rich traditions but what makes each and every place unique are the souls you meet along the way, a simple smile, a nodding gesture to confirm that I may take their portrait, some blissfully unaware as they go about their daily lives. With a quiet smile, i will often approach the person i just photographed to show them their portrait, i love the reaction on faces, they look at the pic then at me, some smile, some a little dazed at looking at themselves. The images were all captured over 4 days along the Ganges {Ganga } River.

While bodies burned as part of their funerals it seemed so normal and no one flinched,

The bodies are first dipped into the river to be purified, the a family member would walk around the body clockwise to represent the 5 elements, Earth, wind, fire, water and the spirit. The closer the body was to the river, showed the family’s wealth. For the families that cannot afford this type of funeral, i was told a huge rock was tied and they were thrown into the middle of the river. One around was 24/7 for the Hindu people and another Ghat was for all others. I was there during one of their most important festivals of the year, bringing thousands more……..

Each day I would start my walk from Assi Ghat to Dashashwamedh Ghat, stopped by many to share their culture and stories with me, funny enough the first little ladies to stop me, called out with huge smiles, waving me over, I didn’t quite understand what they said or more like i didn’t expect it, still confused, i said I’m sorry i don’t understand you, they pulled me over to their mums i guess and they pulled out their phones, “Selfie” hahahah you have got to be kidding me, no English but they know the word selfie!!!! so we all too turns in selfies, such a laugh. The first of many selfies request.

A Gift of love, it’s the thought that counts, always……….


It was my birthday recently and my girls asked what I wanted and my reply is always the same for every occasion, “A love letter, lots of kisses and a family portrait. I love our family portraits! for about 5 years in a row, I would set up the camera and hand the remote to my youngest, now 8, her arm extended out on a mission, they are always fun and much laughter in every special photo we have together. At Silvia Tomarchio Photography, we are all about family and family is everything. A very special gift.jar-of-kisses

My girls got extra creative this year and found me chocolates called Kisses, It really is the thought that counts.
Gift vouchers available.

A Gift of Gratitude



Feeling very grateful today with life….All the amazing opportunities I have had over the past 7 years, creating precious moments for so many, As a token of my gratitude I am offering the first 5 people to contact me this gift from my heart. It can be used towards any full Portrait shoot or prints. A gift for you or to give to someone you love. From me to you.
Shoots valued $300.00 or more.
Feel free to share with family and friends…Have a beautiful day.
For every shoot a loan is made to
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