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Sand Dunes, India

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The more i listen to people, the more i realise how much i value my humble life.

I adore simplicity.


Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India


The White Palace


The Fort


Sometimes you just go with it, then you realise, huh? 25 hours?! train from Varanasi to Jodhpur which actually turned into 29 hours, but what an adventure it was!

I finally figured out which carriage I was in and as I stepped into towards my booth, I hear “Hey!!!!!!” a very excited polish guy who was happy to see another foreigner, for a moment I’m thinking do I know you? I just laughed, I hear you. It didn’t take long before we got chatting, sharing tips and tricks of travel and just basic chit chat. I can’t remember if this train was delayed from our starting point or not, it all seems like a bit of a blur now, what i do remember is there was a fruit stand right outside my window and I’m thinking I really feel like a banana, so i ask the guy “how much for a banana?” well I think I could have got 12 of them for that price, you gotta laugh, so I said “I just want one”, but no, he wouldn’t budge, next thing I feel is a tap on my arm from David and turn to see a lovely lady pull out some bananas and offers me one, huge smile on my face as i graciously accepted, with a big smile, laughing, so i I call out to the fruit guy, ” “hey dude”, look and wave the banana at him through the window, the look on his face was priceless but he couldn’t help but join in with our laughter. 29 hours on a train, you will see lots of people coming and going, at one point I woke up to find someone asleep on the floor in the middle of the seats, it’s doesn’t take long before it becomes the norm. Another lovely moment was when a group of children then later the woman joined in, just standing at my window, we just smiled at each other, some asked for a selfie with me and once little girl was just so happy looking at me, I couldn’t help but put out my hand and touch her face, “Beautiful” she just repeated, “no you are”, i said, “very beautiful. And she really was, bursting smile with so much joy, I was just taking my phone out to take a pic and as the train starts moving, all at the same time they start shouting and waving bye, bye, they were so excited following the train waving us off, my whole soul lit up, the energy I felt from them was just incredible.”

There is way too much to write about this train ride, It was long but highly entertaining, even managed to get some sleep in between.

I finally arrive at Jodhpur and 2 kms away a tuk tuk ride to my guest house run by The KK Family, The staff are friendly and helpful, a quick walk up to the roof and large bottle of water that went down in seconds,  went to my quirky room and basically crashed out.

These images were taken on my last night, I didn’t see the night view of the fort when I arrived as they turn off the lights around 9.30pm but I did see it at sunrise, and blown away just gorgeous. What a perfect way to start the day, they provide a great breakfast and the view just speaks for itself. Up bright and early off to explore the town.


The end of life as we know it can still offer beauty if you look through eyes of love.

A wonder through the streets in the Blue city, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India_dsc5934-editsilvia-tomarchio-potography_silvtom67gmail-com_taylors-hill_wedding-photographer_jodhpur_rajasthan

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Meet Padam


Just two of the things I love that go hand in hand, Travel and photography and when the opportunity arises who am I to say no to a corporate shoot.
Meet Padam, He runs The Surya Paying Guest house in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India
Not only that they also have a camel safari, Wanderlust Camel Safari
I was lucky enough to stay two night, upgraded to the best room in the house.The fort in the background is where his guest house is located, spectacular to watch the sunrise from my window. A day trip that was customised just for me. Fantastic service by a very nice bloke.