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Who wants to be a millionaire?

Millionaire Walk_Sorrento_Pier_Jetty_Silvia Tomarchio Photography_Mornington Peninsula

Well do you?

I have been wanting to do this Millionaire walk for nearly 2 years now, I had a look on google maps and although i was quite confident i figured it out, i emailed Mornington Peninsula Website just to be sure, they were great and called me the next day, so I got to Lentell Avenue, Sorrento, there were already two togs up on the wall, saying hey you missed the sunrise and assuring me it was safe enough to get up along the wall, well my aim today was to photograph the piers, tick! So i couldn’t figure out where the walk started from so i got in the car and went to Point King road and from there off i went, the walk is about 1.5km return, fairly easy, scary dog half way, so if you go all the way you will end up at Lentell Avenue, it looks like a private gate. I didn’t photograph any of the houses as it was their back yard. Absolutely stunning! I did have a few favourites. So do I want to be a millionaire? mmmm. I would sure love a view like that, although I’m a simple creature, less is more, minimalist and don’t fancy possessions owning me, but hey you never know., something might change my mind, image all the good I could do. I read an short article last week where a bloke decided what he was going to live on $$$$ for the rest of his life regardless of inflation and the rest he gave away, imagine a world like that! That definitely sounds like a great plan, oh one day, a nice little shack by the beach, with lots of light and studio space and a view of the ocean. Really was a peaceful day, i even forgot I was cold. I only had a few hours then a great day with friends, food and a good laugh, what else is there?! If you would like to purchase any of my prints visit here or contact me directly.


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Delgany Castle

Delgany Castle, Sorrento, Victoria, Australia 

Queen of the castle for one afternoon, sigh 😉

Flinders Ocean Beach

The keen fishermen at Flinders Ocean Beach.

I actually didn’t notice on the day!!! only when i zoomed in on the image.

Warm, quiet and restful day, fairly easy walk from the car park.



Koonya Ocean Beach

Koonya Ocean Beach, Sunset stop

Between Blairgowrie and Sorrento along the Coppins Track._DSC2557-Edit_DSC2577-Edit


Below image taken from Koonya Beach towards Spray Point, for another day to explore._DSC2602

Diamond Bay, Sorrento

A great afternoon with my girls, didn’t take long for them to play with the waves and get soaked, only a few metres away so did i!!! Tide sure was coming in fast.

It’s been awhile since i visited here, a very generous offer got me over this way.

A quick research of on of the many beaches I have yet to explore.

A pano as we arrived.




Moonraker Dolphin Swim

One of my highlights for 2014!!!

While we didn’t quite get to swim with Dolphins we did see them swimming along side the boat, they are so big, beautiful and majestic!!!

We did however get as close as possible to the seals, a little smelly but soon forgot all about it and my extra cold toes!!!

I saw a post for jobs with them, how tempted do you think I am?!!!!!!!

Hope to go back with a Go Pro next time!!!

Come on Summer

Checkout these guys


Dolphin-4676 Dolphin-4758 Dolphin-8674 Dolphin-8679 Dolphin-8691 Dolphin-8698 Dolphin-8736 as Smart Object-1 Dolphin-8740

One at St Pauls, Sorrento

Since the beginning of the year I have been working on my series of “One”
These are some from the last month or so.
Bringing the out doors in just in time for winter.

Prints Available

SeriesNMIT SeriesNMIT3studio

Drifting Away

Out the back beaches today, down the Peninsula surprising, still not too cold after been soaked a few times  


The Perils and Excitement at St Paul’s Beach, Sorrento

20150424-_DSC4182 st pauls stpaulblooper stpauls1 stpauls2 stpauls3 stpauls4

The Perils and Excitement at St Paul’s Beach, Sorrento

A great way to finish off the week, visiting one of the great ocean beaches of Victoria