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There is no greater compliment 😊 while the new owner said she loved all my pieces, this is the one she enjoyed the most, “I love the simplicity of the way the bottles are placed and the light, interesting enough, the images that have sold and been awarded are the ones I have created by feel ….

Exhibition on at Hunt club, 775 Ballarat Road, Sunshine.

Monday-Friday 9.30-4.30 until 15th of March.

Beyond website photography


Beyond Website photography, Do you make an incredible dish? so good that you would like to display it as a work of art at your workplace, restaurant etc
Commissioned artwork as unique as what you produce. How devious does this food photography look? Have other products that you produce and want it as a print on your wall? Fine art piece? An idea of your own?
Let’s Talk.

One bad apple…..

You’ve heard the expression dozens of times: One bad apple spoils the whole barrel?

This is my first piece which I hope to turn into a series, exploring Gossip, adult bullying, hurtful or healing words, let’s be honest we have all been part of it one way or another. “The freedom to express yourself without fear”. Do your words hurt of heal?_DSC1803-Edit


Keilor Hotel, Galway Arms Bistro

A fantastic place for a special portrait, I’ve enjoyed a few meals and drinks here over time. I love the character of the old pub. I was lucky enough to have access to the seller where they hold private functions, a little spooky, a great conversation starter thats for sure.



Through My Fathers Eyes


What a cracker of a night, this was my second piece for end of year exhibition, there were great pieces submitted by various students, its a beautiful thing to see all the hard work throughout the year for all of us to enjoy.

Nice to be rewarded with cider 🙂

My First Camera…..a gift from my dad….his first camera
All our family photos were taken with this little beauty, He paid 100 Lira for it, after winning another prize at a fair in Sicily, he just paid the difference, how cool is that! I love the extended version of my fathers story 🙂

I love the image of my mum who was pregnant with my at the time, some of our family pics.

Got to love good old fashion black and white.
The first camera in my vintage collections.

I was great to see one of my first teachers from two years ago who suggestions I look at still life images, finally got around to creating some of my own, one of many I hope, they will appear when the time is right.

This ones for you dad.

Found the perfect frame last week and printed it up today ready to mount in the morning!!!

All worn out.

She Sells Sea Shells

Always nice to take home a memory of a different kind, a great way to reflect back on the day.

Still life

Purchase Print_DSC542320150508untitled shoot-Edit shell2

Nectar of the Gods

_DSC6442Grapes416oct as Smart Object-1Your can purchase this image Here

Commission pieces may be available.

Please contact me for further information.

A little still life at my place, the first piece in my next series.